SINGLE REVIEW: Lennon Stella – Kissing Other People

Lennon Stella is a star on the rise and that’s a confirmed fact. Her recent single ‘BITCH (Takes One To Know One)’ was a bold track that introduced her to a whole new audience that may have not been familiar with her from the show Nashville. Following that hyped release she joined The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds Of Summer on their huge arena tour where she has been continually impressing audiences with her defined sound and raw vulnerability. 

Taking that step further into her sonic evolution, the singer-songwriter is ready to open her vulnerability up even further and reflect on the tough reality of break ups on the quirky ‘Kissing Other People’. 

Deciding when to move on is always hard. Is it too soon? Do you really want to move on? Am I going to feel guilty? The anxiety ridden questions rapidly collect inside your mind and it’s hard to escape them. And that’s the dark moments Lennon Stella explores on her new single. 

“Oh yeah, losing myself in a new someone. That’s how I know I’m really moving on cause I don’t feel guilty kissing other people” she sings during the dreamy and catchy chorus. But within all the dark emotions there is a little playfulness which is sparked by her curiosity of being ready to kiss other people. 

This song is a smash hit waiting to be uncovered and could just be the track to break Lennon Stella into the commercial market. So get ready to hear more of her!

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