HAIM have been in full touring mode for their sophomore record ‘Something To Tell You’ since 2017, but now the sister trio are ready to give you some new bops for your dancing acquaintance. 

After the soothing sonic delivery of ‘Summer Girl’ they are ready to turn up the volume and have a little boogie to celebrate self awareness and the importance of openness. 

‘Now I’m In It’ is a surprisingly dark song that hears lead vocalist Danielle Haim reflecting on her personal battle with depression. Realising she was stuck in a personal fight within her mind, there is a heaviness that is attached to the heart of the lyrics. “We cannot be friends. Cannot pretend that it makes sense” she sings to herself during the pre chorus.

Reaching the other side she reflects on the feelings and emotions that were consuming her thoughts and the fight that she had to let herself free. “And I’ve been trying to find my way back for a minute” she sings during the big chorus. 

Layered with groovy guitar riffs and slick synths, this song takes their classic festival ready sound and adds a positive electronic spin that evokes hope and makes you want to dance. There are a lot of singalong moments that feel so free within the song and resemble that moment of reclaiming her self-belief

During the bridge they strip it all back to a pulsating guitar riff, dreamy harmonies and a simple piano as they start rebuilding the production up for one final chorus. 

This is a perfect pre-summer anthem (for Australians) which continues the open dialogue a lot of artists are having about mental health and helping break the stigmas that are still so present in society. 

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