SINGLE REVIEW: Benee – Monsta

Look, we love a good ol’ fashioned themed release but when it comes to Halloween, it’s become apparent over the years that it’s hard to get it right. Artists release tacky songs that come across gimmicky and confused in amongst their diverse aesthetics and the shock factor of what they’re trying to do has worn off. 

But I can safely say that Benee has absolutely smashed this cheeky little release out of the park. ‘Monsta’ is a song that follows a narrative taken straight from her deep fears of being kidnapped during the night from her own bedroom. In a classic Benee storytelling twist, the monster turns out to actually be good and saves her from an impending house fire.

“What is it that he wants from me? Maybe he just feels lonely? What is it that he has in mind? Why has he come here at this time?” she questions about his motives during the slick bridge. 

Led by a chilled out guitar driven riff and a steady drum beat, she continues the unique aesthetic she’s created throughout her previous releases. But assisting to the uniqueness of this track there is an interesting Arabian interpolation on the production which immediately stands out and drives a unique rhythmic touch. 

While this song was perfectly timed with an Halloween release, there is nothing tacky or uncanny about it as it perfectly continues her growing artistry alongside songs like ‘Evil Spider’. 

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