When you dive into the back catalogue of VÉRITÉ’s releases, you will find a strong growth of understanding her vulnerability and production happen along the way. From the opening moments of her debut EP ‘Echo’ in 2014 to her highly impressive debut album ‘Somewhere In Between’ in 2016, there was just something honest and captivating about her that had listeners in awe of her interesting soundscapes and her raw storylines of heartbreak and strength. 

Her highly anticipated sophomore record ‘New Skin’ is a bold collection of tracks that further explores her vulnerability and creates some big statements along the way. From the opening solitude of the atmospheric title track ‘New Skin’, she dives into love, loss and explores all of the in-between moments along the way. It’s obvious through listening to this record that the New York singer-songwriter has really found her voice and her sound as an artist. 

I recently chatted to VÉRITÉ about the creative process behind some of the albums most captivating moments, the growth she’s had as an artist since the release of her debut album and how she’s continued to build her live show to highlight her sonical growth. Check it out HERE; 

TB: ’New Skin’ is a bold record that embodies so many different feelings and emotions, and showcases so much confidence with who you want to be as an artist. So reflecting on the creative journey, what is one of the most memorable moments that saw you have instant clarity of how you wanted this record to feel and sound, and what overall message you wanted it to embody? 

V: I think writing ‘Gone’ was a turning point for me. It was the first song I had written in a long time that felt like mine. It was unboxed and felt like it had room to breathe at a time where my mind was so boxed in.

TB: Opening the record with the mostly acapella title track ‘New Skin’ is a very intimate and magical way to start this journey. So how did that creative vision come to life, and how easy was it to be so comfortable with the silence and vulnerability it withdraws? 

V: ‘New Skin’ was actually a different song originally, and the melody and lyrics in the intro of the album were the chorus. The song didn’t stick with me, but the chorus did. I had the idea to slow it down and strip it back. We tracked the new version without time on upright piano and slowly added each layer of atmosphere and vocals.

TB: ’Think Of Me’ is an intoxicating song which is so bold and takes the listener on an aggressive and vulnerable journey. So can we dive into the creative process of this song for a moment, because I would love to know how it came about? 

V: I walked into the studio in Nashville with Konrad Snyder and Madi Diaz, who collaborated with me on a lot of the record, with the line “I hope you fuck her with your eyes closed” in the notes on my phone. From there things just fell together, especially when “and think of me” came into the equation. 

Writing in that studio with those people, that’s the common way things go. We just layer and experiment until something clicks. It’s meant to be abrasive and slap you in the face a little bit, but it’s also meant to be light and buoyant.

TB: This record is vulnerably quite raw, is so many different ways. So what would you say is the most vulnerable moment lyrically for you as a songwriter? 

V: Yes, for sure! I think ‘Youth’ is the most uncomfortably vulnerable moment on the record. It’s a moment of reflection looking at a time when I wasn’t strong and guarded. The line, “I’d waste my youth on you and you’d never look back for me” stings me every time.

TB: Reflecting on the release of ‘Somewhere In Between’ and where you are at now with ‘New Skin’, what is the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as an artist? 

V: I learnt that I can push myself through feeling uncomfortable and stuck. I’m also more sure of myself and confident in the vulnerability I’m offering. I also realised I have a very clear, distinct perspective and need to stay close to what separates me from other artists.

TB: Something that I’ve been so impressed with is the innovative ways that you’ve wanted to interact with your fans. From sending them postcards to say thank you for their support with ‘Somewhere In Between’, to newspaper clippings to announce ‘Gone’ to having a phone number they can text you on with the pre order of ‘New Skin’. Why has this connection been so vital for you? 

V: I think growing something independently gives you a really different perspective. This project has always grow from the bottom up. I only have a career because I have such amazing, loyal fans who consistently show up for me. I feel like it’s really important to also be there for them.

TB: With the release of this new record how are you hoping your live show evolves? And how do you think this new music is going to affect how the live show feels?

V: Honestly, I’m really proud about where the live set has been. I think right now it’s about fine tuning and experimenting the set up we have built. My band is amazing, my music director and I have worked together for years. We are just trying to keep things impactful and interesting.

TB: Adapting these new songs to the live stage is going to be a very bold and exciting affair. The distinct energy shift between the likes of ‘Good For It’ and ‘Body In My Bed’ is so interesting. So is there any tracks that you’re nervous to re-create in the live setting or feel will need a lot of practice?

V: Right now, ‘Think of Me’ is hard in the beginning because it’s out of time. ‘Body In My Bed’ and ‘Good For It’ actually sit in a similar pocket live right now. 

‘New Skin’ has been adapted in a really great way as well. I just want to feel like things are hitting hard and forcing people to pay attention.

TB: And I have to ask, any plans to finally come down to Australia to play some shows? 

V: Fuck, I wish! It is inevitably going to happen. So, fingers crossed!

TB: Let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions where I’m going to ask you some questions that you just need to answer with the first thing that comes to mind…

V: Okay!

TB: The emoji that best describes my new album ‘New Skin’ is… 

V: I don’t use emojis!

TB: My pre-show pump up song is…

V: ‘Jump out the Window’ by Big Sean

TB: If I could have any superpower it would be… 

V: Mind reading

TB: Pineapple on pizza is… 

V: Fucking delicious

TB: When I think of Australia I think of… 

V: Fancy small coffee

‘New Skin’ is out now!

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