ALBUM REVIEW: Kanye West – Jesus Is King

Oh Kanye. I don’t even know where to begin with ‘Jesus Is King’ because this whole journey has been a little messy to say the least. And to be honest, I wonder if he even knew where he was going either because he sounds a little lost in this new sonical world he’s immersed himself in. 

Kanye West will also be a visionary in hip-hop. He’s changed the playing field in so many different ways and has created years of interesting and meme-able entertainment. Always finding a way to re-invent himself artistically and continually go bigger I had some high hopes for his ninth studio album, and they just didn’t reach them.

He’s always been very opinionated in what he believes in and he’s created a career out of that. So a gospel inspired record that surrounds his resurgence in belief was a classic Kanye move. But I didn’t expect this record to be SO left-centred to what he had done before. 

The first half of the record is quite dry with content as he primarily just creates little hymns with ‘Every Hour’, ‘Selah’ and ‘Follow God’ before delivering the questionable ‘Closed On Sunday’ which sounds like a sponsored post for Chick-Fil-A. And at this point I’m just kinda lost for words, and not in a good way. 

When ‘Everything We Need’ came around, it felt like a giant relief as we were finally re-acquainted with a Kanye we were a bit more familiar with. “Life too short, go spoil yourself. Feel that feel, enjoy yourself cause we have everything we need” he proclaims during the hook. Teaming up with frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign, this track feels and sounds a bit more like the old Kanye. ‘On God’ and ‘God Is’ follow that trend but still are heavily cemented in this religious propaganda. 

Somehow Kanye West has made a 27 minute album feel long, and I will just allow that fact to sink in for a moment because that’s rough. This whole record feels like he’s just become one of those invasive religious believers who try to throw conversion flyers in your hand when you walk down the street and all you want is them to leave you alone. 

Must Listens: ‘Everything We Need’ and ‘On God’

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