SINGLE REVIEW: WAFIA – Flowers And Superpowers

Following her national run of dates with Listen Out last month and the announcement of her 2020 Australian tour, WAFIA has another new song for your listening pleasure. 

‘Flowers And Superpowers’ is quite the sonical departure from her latest collaborative track with Louis The Child, ‘Hurts’, which was released just before the Listen Out tour kicked off. Stepping away from her EDM experimentation, this track hears her returning to the chilled out sonical palette her previous ep’s have floated in. 

Co-written by Wrabel, she reflects on a time that she got a little too high on edibles and became a really intense and talkative version of herself. Worried about what the people around her were going to think, she went into this frantic mind space and had to have one of them talk her down from freaking out too much. Embarrassed of how she acted she was worried they wouldn’t want to hang out with her again, but she didn’t have to worry because they weren’t going anywhere. “If I don’t wanna talk could we sit in silence? And if I say way too much would you stick around? And if I feel low, low, low could you take me higher? If I get way too high would you talk me down?”. 

Showcasing that frantic state of mind really well through the lyrical storyline and vivid exploration, they take the production into a deeper experimentation. Beginning with a swooping indie-pop beat that is layered with birds chirping and nature elements, the song then has a progressive shift with a psychedelic pop twist in the chorus. Inspired by the production quality of Tame Impala, she brings her own psychedelic dreamy twist and will have you feeling like you’re on your very own trip. 

It’s such a slick twist that flows in and out of the hook seamlessly. It perfectly compliments the storyline and the aesthetic of this track and will have you super intrigued about the sonical tracjetory and growth of WAFIA’s artistry and where she’s going to go next.  

WAFIA 2020 Australian Tour

Saturday 18 January – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Friday 24 January – 170 Russell, Melbourne

Saturday 25 January – Metro Theatre, Sydney

Sunday 25 January, The Triffid, Brisbane

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