SINGLE REVIEW: Sody – Nothing Ever Changes

Continuing to unravel her vulnerability, Sody is proving herself to be quite the honest storyteller. In an interview with at the start of the year she confessed that she looks up to the likes of Julia Michaels and Ed Sheeran because of their respective writing traits and the brutal honesty that they inject into their work. And in her recent material you can definitely tell that the craving to be raw and honest has rubbed off on her. 

‘Nothing Ever Changes’ is the British singer-songwriter’s raw new track that hears her opening up about a toxic relationship and the strength it took to leave her alcoholic partner. But before she leaves she wants to get everything off her chest and say everything that has been building up for all of this time. 

“It’s not a complicated question. You either care or you don’t. You take so long to answer. Don’t think you even know” she confesses during the opening verse of the track before exclaiming the psychological impact he made on her during the pre chorus. “You don’t have the money to pay for what you did to me”. 

It’s a very heavy song that hears her stripping the production back to a simple piano with soft synthesisers adding some layering to the gradual building of the song.

Sody is a storyteller and that is the heart of what this song embodies. It hears her telling her truth through the very visual and honest lyrics and will have your heart breaking for her as you hear her hurt through the empowering nature of her finally standing up for herself. 

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