SINGLE REVIEW: Oh Wonder – Better Now

Last month Oh Wonder made their glorious return with one of my favourite releases of 2019. ‘Hallelujah’ was a euphoric glimpse at what is to come from their forthcoming third studio album. It was an anthem for anyone who has been told no or been told that their goal is unrealistic. It’s something that any creative or driven person will be able to connect with on a deep level and find an empowering feeling within the context and uplifting hook. 

In contrast, the British duo have dropped a new single that showcases the emotional essence and diversity of their songwriting. ‘Better Now’ is an emotional track that reflects on the band hearing the sad news of a family member going through an incredibly tough and emotional first birth of their child. With a lot of complications involved, there was a lot of emotional trauma that the duo wanted to dissect and turn into a song of hope and understanding. 

From the opening verse they detail the confusion and emotional disruption of the loved ones during the ordeal. “Twenty-two hours pacing the room, praying for you. Hot cup of coffee. They said you’re sleeping. No news is good. Nothing to do. Cold cup of coffee”. Within the evolution of the song they turn to the friend who is still going through a traumatic experience and pray for their uplifting. “Yeah, I hope you’re feeling better now, better now. And they’ve lifted the dark clouds. Cause you’ve been through it all and I’ll wait for the call just to know if you’re better now”. 

It’s a very simple and beautiful song that has such a wholesome and organic feel to it which embodies the raw emotions and feelings surrounding this confusing and emotional time. You can’t help but be immediately sucked into the raw honesty and simplicity of this track with even the hospital machine beeps incorporated into the production.

‘Better Now’ is yet another home run for Oh Wonder.

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