SINGLE REVIEW: Kesha feat. Big Freedia – Raising Hell

Sometimes good people like to do bad things and that’s okay because at the end of the day we are all human and we all like to be a little naughty every now and then. So we should celebrate that side of us instead of pin pointing it as a flaw and calling it a sin, and that’s the playful concept that Kesha has explored for her first official single since the release of ‘Rainbow’ in 2017. 

‘Raising Hell’ is a gospel inspired pop anthem that hears her combining her energetic pop roots with the soulful injection her last record incorporated. It’s a bold return that does take a couple of listens to sonically digest because the verses are so strong and dominant that you want the chorus to elevate it to another dimension. But instead the chorus steps into generic territory with a lazy  beat drop. That is the only flaw with the song because everything else is super strong and you really want to love the direction she’s going in but the beat drop makes me question it all. 

However in saying that, after a few listens you begin to get used to it and it starts to annoy you less and less. And the fact she has Big Freedia on the track is a big YES. 

Embracing all of her “bad mistakes”, the song lyrically looks at her confessing she doesn’t always make the right decisions but she is who she is and she can’t change that. “I’m all fucked up in my Sunday best. No walk of shame cause I love this dress. Hungover, heart of gold, holy mess. Doing my best, ah bitch, I’m blessed”, she sings during the pre chorus. 

During the actual chorus she gets even more empowering and goes full throttle with sass. “If you couldn’t tell, we can always find the trouble, we don’t need no help. Singing oh, mama raised me well but I don’t wanna go to Heaven without raising hell”. 

‘Raising Hell’ is a bold comeback for Kesha but it would’ve been more impactful without that generic beat drop stealing the spotlight in a bad way during the hook. 

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