SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Gray – Friends Like These

Jack Gray is currently Australia’s best kept secret, but not for long. The 21 year old singer-songwriter has recently joined UK rising star (and one of my personal favourite newcomers) Maisie Peters for a massive run of American tour dates and has spread his wings a little further in creating his mark on the industry. 

Following the release of his debut EP ‘Nights Like This’ earlier this year, he has just dropped a brand new single which is a synth filled indie-pop dream. ‘Friends Like These’ follows in the sonical footsteps of ‘My Hands’ in highlighting a bright pop sonical palette with a big euphoric sounding hook that people will want to sing along to on their summer road trips. But behind all of the big production is a darker storyline with a bit of underlining attitude. 

Reflecting on fake friendships, this mature take on trusting the right people is not only a warning to others but a reminder to himself as well. With the chorus beginning with the warning “Don’t get too close”, he delivers a bouncey production that comes with a little sass and attitude as he confesses; “With friends like these, who needs enemies”. 

The production is very bright and is layered impressively well. Inspired by the likes of The 1975, there’s a mature indie-pop sensibility that manages to keep a hold on the growth he’s had over the past year. But ultimately this song is a lot of fun and will  be a great addition to his live show.

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