SINGLE REVIEW: Gabrielle Aplin – Like You Say You Do

In the midst of embracing her new sound and creative energy, Gabrielle Aplin is finally releasing her highly anticipated third studio album ‘Dear Happy’ on 17 January 2020. With the release date looming, the British singer-songwriter has dropped another new single to showcase her euphoric pop sensibility. 

‘Like You Say You Do’ continues Aplin’s experimentation with heavier pop elements like on ‘Miss You’ and ‘Nothing Really Matters’ but still manages to hold onto her strong songwriting. Never compromising her intent, she makes sure that the production just uplifts the story and the sentiment that she wants to capture. And that’s what she’s successfully done with this track. 

Creating a social commentary on the misleading realities of social media, she reflects on how we portray our lives in one way but actually live them in a different way. “Cause you got the whole world believing in something that I don’t even know is true” she confesses during the euphoric chorus. Diving deeper into the concept she details a relationship where her partner shares heaps of photos of them with cute captions that proclaims their love but doesn’t actually show it in person. So she gets a little playful and sassy with the delivery to highlight this. “So if you need me like you need to breathe then love me like you say you do”. 

Contrasting the emotional nature of this song with a euphoric production is bold and memorable as it transforms it and layers different attributes to its complexity. And its also just a straight up banger. 

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