So with the release of his new single, it’s become apparent that Frank Ocean loves the multi-national delivery company DHL. Or maybe that’s just what he wants you to think on a first listen, because when you dive deeper into the track you will come to understand why he’s named this song after the freight business. 

Oozing with a psychedelic influenced production, he floats in and out and gives you a very dreamy and trippy track. Continuing on the sound of his 2017 album ‘Blonde’, he captures a free spirited approach that will have fans ecstatic over his return, but it’s not really a song that will have commercial success due to it’s experimental sound. 

The whole premise of ‘DHL’ is a flex on his status and his success. Reflecting on his uprising, he looks at how many packages and endorsements are arriving at his house and all of the things he can buy and do now because of his success. He even looks at how he doesn’t have to worry about paying for studio time anymore and can spend countless hours trying to just find the right flow. “All of them days when I paid for the studio rate, instead of the rent, yeah. Now I can hang in this bitch every day, wait for some inspiration to hit me”.

With elements of the mumble rap flow incorporated into the song and the basic lyrical and production aspects reminiscent of Post Malone’s recent material, you can’t help but think that this song has been done before. It’s a little sloppy and isn’t the strongest comeback for an artist of his stature. 

His vocals oozes through the psychedelic hip-hop verses but it’s not until the final verse that his vocals actually deliver a strong essence when he opens up about his new boyfriend in a playful outro. “Got my partner in the front, been my BF for a month but we been fucking from the jump”.

Any new Frank Ocean music is always appreciated and while this song is chill-worthy, I did expect something a little bolder and less same-same from him. 

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