For the past two years I’ve been calling CXLOE the newcomer you need to watch, and the Northern Beaches singer-songwriter has continually rolled out hit after hit proving why she deserves that status. 

2019 has been a big year for CXLOE. Following the release of her DIY singles ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ and ‘Sick’ with Gnash, she collaborated with Lost Kings, SACHI and Picture This for their respective tracks, she toured with Maroon 5 and did some headline shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles. But the year is not over for her yet. With a run of festival dates with This That and Falls Festival coming up, she has dropped a pulsating new single to further ignite her electric live show. 

‘Devil You Don’t’ is a dark and brooding synth-pop track that further explores the moody indie-pop she has previously experimented with. Beginning with the simple plucking of an acoustic guitar she breathily sings over the verse with a dreamy approach. As the song reaches the chorus, a pulsating synth drops and vocoder transports her vocals into this other dimension. It’s very dark and moody and perfectly fits into the aesthetic she has continually upheld with ‘Tough Love’, ‘Monster’, ‘Sick’, ‘Low Blow’ and ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’. 

Creating a social commentary on how we like to put on a performance with our outward facing personality instead of actually dealing with the issues brewing deep inside, she confronts the way we act as a society in a very unique way. “Better with the devil you know than the devil you don’t. It’s hard to put your hands on a ghost. You don’t want to fuck with me”, she sings during the catchy hook. 

‘Devil You Don’t’ is a bold track that continues the winning streak CXLOE has been on since her very first release in 2017 and I couldn’t be more impressed. 

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