SINGLE REVIEW: Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me

Sometimes we just need to find hope within a bad situation instead of focusing on the hurt and pain. Even the smallest amount can go far and in this case, that is what Selena Gomez is hoping will be ignited from her new single.

‘Lose You To Love Me’ is the lead single from her forthcoming third studio album and hears Gomez highlighting a raw maturity that has evolved since the release of the highly praised ‘Revival’ and the drip-fed promotional singles that followed. 

Heartbreak is a powerful muse and you can either look at it as a burden or you can look at it as a chance to grow and evolve. Encouraging that second mindset, she shares her raw vulnerability with listeners and details how she allowed one of the biggest heartbreaks in her life to shed a light on the love she had for herself and the strength she was capable of to get back up. 

“I needed to lose you to find me. This dancing was killing me softly. I needed to hate you to love me” she heartbreakingly sings during the pre chorus. But it’s the line “I needed to lose you to love me” in the chorus that will keep circling in your mind as you reflect on your personal journey with love and heartbreak. 

Stripping the production back to just a simple piano with the addition of strings and vocal harmonies evolving throughout the song, this track feels grand but raw at the same time. It doesn’t feel over-cooked and perfectly allows the raw emotion to drive the heart and feeling of the song. 

‘Lose You To Love Me’ was the perfect way to kickstart the next chapter in Selena Gomez’s career as it’s a very personal moment that is so genuine and has a universal connection with listeners.

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