It’s nearly been a year since JXN released his debut single ‘Solitude’, and since that impressive release he’s been constantly growing and adding to his artistry. Soaked in hip-hop and RNB influences, he’s shown an immediate maturity within his songwriting and production execution that has gained worldwide attention and impressive streaming traction.

Following his recent debut live shows supporting Allday on his massive Australian tour with Mallrat and E^ST, JXN is releasing a new song that shows yet another side of him. ‘Just Okay’ was an instant favourite in his live set and hears him experimenting with a heavier electronic side with dark synths.

Oozing with this hypnotising and moody sound, he reflects on not feeling the reciprocated love you should feel when you are in relationship with someone. At the end of the day you deserve to feel amazing and to feel more than just okay. 

“You make me feel just okay, just okay, just okay. I wanna feel something great, something great. I just need some, need some space. I think we should, we should break. I just need some fucking space”. 

This catchy and emotionally fuelled track is JXN’s strongest release yet. With it’s simple and honest and premise, you will be immediately drawn into the oozing electronic world he’s built within the song. 

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