SINGLE REVIEW: Paces feat. Yorke – Vertigo

After releasing his sophomore studio album ‘Zag’ last year, Paces has been playing a patient waiting game. In between live shows and studio sessions, he’s been preparing his next move which is a big one. Announcing his signing with Island Records Australia, the Gold Coast musician and producer has commenced the beginning of a new chapter in his career. 

‘Vertigo’ is the hypnotic return that hears him continuing his playful EDM-pop fusion with a whole lot of interesting layering. Teaming up with rising newcomer and label mate Yorke, they have both been able to bring their strong unique qualities together to make a track which is really memorable and stands out next to all of the similarly penned tracks. 

What I particularly loved about this collaboration is that is showed a completely different side to Yorke than what we’ve seen so far. Her music has been emotionally charged and rather therapeutic, where as this loved-up song is just playful and hears her experimenting with her vocal delivery. “Now I know for sure, I like it when you give me vertigo” she sings during the catchy hook. 

Taking a risk in embracing her hiccuping tic, she re-creates something that she’s always been a little embarrassed of growing up. But she takes control of her narrative and incorporates it into her music and makes a captivating hook out of it that is completely unique and cool.

Paces has also taken a risk in diving deeper into his pop sensibilities and polishing up his production to give it a shinier glow, and let’s just say you will be singing along pretty much straight away. 

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