With a string of hits like ‘We Run The Night’, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Big Banana’ in her discography, Havana Brown is ready to make her big pop chart return. While her recent RNB infused singles ‘Glimpse’ and ‘Cookie’ haven’t made the memorable impact that was expected, Brown’s return to her RNB roots is one her longterm fans are really excited about. 

Her infectiously produced new single ‘ALL DAY’ is a track that has a slick retrospective touch. With her RNB roots very much intact, the unique groove that the synths and electronic strings add completely elevates the vibe of the song.

It’s a lot of playful fun with no real serious undertones or lyrical components to get too distracted with. They keep it quite simple and just deliver a good old RNB-pop moment that is reminiscent of her earlier material. 

From the very first listen you will be immediately grooving along to the sound and euphoric feel that she delivers while also anticipating where she will sonically go next time. 

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