SINGLE REVIEW: Cub Sport Featuring Darren Hayes – I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life

Deep down we are all emotional beings. We are all connected in a spiritual way and sometimes we just need to let that show. For some reason we only ever associate crying and emotions with sadness and negativity, but in some situations we can get so overwhelmed and happy that we unleash those emotions. It’s a beautiful thing to allow yourself to be that vulnerable, spiritual and emotionally in touch with your core, and that’s what Cub Sport explores on their personal new single. 

‘I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life’ is the Brisbane band’s first single from their upcoming fourth studio album. They only released their self titled record earlier this year, but they’re ready to showcase the next chapter in their musical journey and it’s just as dreamy as you expected and wanted. 

Teaming up with Savage Garden’s frontman, Darren Hayes, the two acts bring their soothing vocals together for a song full of heart and emotion. With the whole storyline outlining the emotion of being so happy you could cry, they embrace that vulnerability purely in joyous song about love. “I never knew that I could be this free. I can’t stop crying, angels here with me. We’re getting everything we ever dreamed cause we deserve this, baby, it’s for you and me” 

With a similar sonical palette to ‘Party Pill’, this track is very much situated in the dreamy indie-pop realm and will have you feeling all the spiritual emotions during the first listen. This is a very special and beautiful track that continues the raw heart Cub Sport have included in their music and will leave you wanting to cry from the purity captured.

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