SINGLE REVIEW: Yungblud feat. Dan Reynolds – Original Me

Yungblud is becoming the voice of the misunderstood for a whole new generation. Growing up I had Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Good Charlotte telling me that it was okay to be unapologetically who I was. And this new generation has the resurgence of Panic! At The Disco and the fiery British newcomer Yungblud leading the way in self-love. 

For his upcoming new EP ‘The Underrated Youth’ coming out on October 18, he has teamed up with Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons for an empowering new anthem. ‘Original Me’ is all about accepting the parts of yourself that you hate and realising that you just need to be authentically yourself as that is the only thing that will make you happy. 

But there are days you don’t feel like that and it’s okay to feel those emotions because no one is happy all the time. “I’m the original loser. Some days I wish I was anyone else”. But you just need to remember that you’re you for a reason and that’s a beautiful thing. And those are the thoughts they channel in this song. 

The production is super angsty and is a continuation of the sound Yungblud has been polishing over the years. Reynolds adds a pop twist to the harmonies which is a welcoming addition as he becomes more mainstream after the release of ’11 Minutes’ with Halsey. 

This is a really strong song, and should’ve honestly been the lead single for the EP over ‘Parents’.

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