Confidence is key, and JOJO has found that fire deep inside of her. After releasing her successful comeback record ‘Mad Love’ (which I crowned as the best pop album of 2016), the singer/songwriter independently re-recorded her original two albums as a gift to her fans so she finally had complete control of the music again. READ:

Ahead of the release of her fourth studio album, JOJO has decided to take control of her narrative and release a prelude to the record that addresses the toxicity of cancel culture. Addressing all of the online comments she’s received from “fans”, online trolls and industry personnel that have torn away at her of the years, she has the last laugh. “You should date somebody famous. That’ll probably put you on the A-list. That’ll probably get you on them playlists. Stop you being so damn underrated”.

‘Joanna’ is driven by a bluesy meets RNB guitar riff that allows her to let the storyline and the shocking lyrics have the spotlight. There’s no crazy hook or production gimmicks, as she just wants to tell her truth authentically and put a light on the dark toxicity of cancel culture that is plaguing social media. “Did you go and have somebody’s kid? Your shit don’t even go that hard. Why can’t you just play your part? Speaking of which, where did your acting career go?”. There are so many lyrics in the song that will have your stomach dropping and your heart feeling heavy as you realise just how nasty and heartbreaking this all is. 

The final line of the song is “You should just hurry and drop your new shit”, and in the accompanying music video she looks down the barrel of the camera and winks, alluding to the fiery incoming. And the lead single is actually coming REALLY soon! ‘Sabotage’ featuring CHIKA will be released on October 25, so get pre-saving!

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