It’s been a long time coming, but E^ST is finally releasing her debut album ‘I’m Doing It’ in early 2020. After wrapping up a massive Australian tour with Allday, Mallrat and JXN, the Central Coast singer-songwriter is ready to unleash the lead single from the forthcoming collection. ‘Talk Deep’ is a summer anthem that is ready to ignite all of your intense romances and have you dancing the insomniac nights away.

Reflecting on having insane chemistry with someone, she describes wanting to stay up all night with them and not missing out on a single second of the time they have together. “Don’t wanna go, think I’ll stay over. I don’t want sleep, I wanna talk deep all night. You’re looking at me and I can’t believe my eyes” she confesses during the pre chorus. 

It’s the romanticism of that electric chemistry you can have with someone which can open up a whole different side of you. And as she explains during the second verse, it’s also the comfortable warmth that their presence brings to you which makes you feel the rush harder. “Lying in your bed, we’re losing track of time. You say what’s in your head, I say what’s on my mind. I’m already stoned, you’re getting me higher. Little do you know you’re setting me on fire”.

The song begins with a simple bass riff that reminds me of the simplicity of K.FLAY’s ‘Blood In The Cut’ before E^ST builds an anthemic production that continually grows with moody drums and bouncy synths. It’s such a definitive sound that really kickstarts this album cycle in a bold way. With it’s captivating hook and loved up storyline, this song has the potential to be her biggest hit yet. 

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