SINGLE REVIEW: Camila Cabello – Easy 

Camila Cabello isn’t holding back at releasing a lot of new music ahead of her highly anticipated sophomore record, ‘Romance’. Last week she released her strongest new single yet, ‘Cry For Me’, which was a bitter tinged pop moment that reflected on a unsettling break up. Compared to the predictable ‘Liar’ and ‘Shameless’, this track finally showed some actual personality and genuine emotion in an unfiltered way. 

Adding to the list of the new tracks, ‘Easy’ is a hopeless romantic song that is all about finding someone that makes her love and embrace all of her insecurities which she’d always been so ashamed of. “I never liked my crooked teeth. You tell me they’re your favourite thing Anything else? The stretch marks all around my thighs. Kiss ’em ’til I change my mind”.

It’s about finding that love with someone else that gives you a confidence boost within yourself and reassures you that you are worth it, you are special and you are loveable. “Always thought I was hard to love til you made it seem so easy, seem so easy”. We live in a society which consistently criticises each other and it’s easy to start to feel insecure in your own skin. But there’s something about love that can set that free. 

This song dives into that sentiment and it’s so romantically freeing and cute. It’s a slow pop-jam which is a little predictable in a sonical sense but what wins you over is the romantic storytelling and the genuine emotion. 

With the consistent release schedule of these songs, we may just see the release of ‘Romance’ sooner than you think. Cabello even hinted to Smallzy in a recent interview that we may get to hear it by the end of the year.

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