SINGLE REVIEW: Elliot Jones – I’m In Love

Elliot Jones is ready to have you professing your love and embracing all of your internal emotions that you may be a little afraid to let out. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter is a newcomer that is boldly making his mark as an independent artist you need to keep your eye on. His recent single ‘Emotions’ was a glistening summer anthem that oozed 80’s pop beats and had you ready to groove along to your conflicting thoughts of being unsure whether to dance or cry along to it. 

With the end of the year approaching, he has a dreamy new pop song that is going to inject some different kind of vibes into your life. ‘I’m In Love’ is a hopeful love-sick track that explores the uncontrollable feeling of falling in love with someone and not being able to stop your feelings from escalating. “My god, my god you got me out here looking stupid” he confesses during the chorus before proclaiming the simple and honest line “I’m in love”. 

Comfortably sitting in the indie-pop sound space, the song pulls references to the likes of LAUV, Cub Sport and Troye Sivan as he dives into that emotionally romantic realm. Lyrically it’s all about falling in love and being so uncontrollably all in, and each verse captures that so beautifully. “I have visions all of the time. We’re speeding fast on the five, not scared to die because I’m in love” he sings during the second verse. 

His vocal delivery is intoxicating and will draw you immediately into this loved up storyline. This whole song is captivating and one you will want to have on repeat. 


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