SINGLE REVIEW: Cry Cub – Robert Smith

Cry Club were one of the most buzzed about acts at BIGSOUND 2019, and for good reason. This dynamic duo are charging ahead with hyper-energetic tracks that are a sonical fusion of angsty rock aesthetics and slick pop melodies. And their live show elevates this hybrid by breaking down the barriers of awkwardness and whole heartedly embraces their quirks and punk energy.

While they’re delivering high energy, catchy hooks and big singalong’s, they are also educating people about the importance of correct gender pro-nouns, creating safe spaces within society and consent in it’s so many different forms. Lead vocalist Heather Riley (They/Them) and guitarist Jono Tooke (He/Him) have become important conversation starters in the local industry and are commanding people’s attention with their captivating sound. 

Their new single ‘Robert Smith’ is a brash rock track that is full of electrifying energy and is a song that captures a lot of attitude and pure angsty behaviour. “I need to think of what you think of me” Heather Riley admits during the intense chorus as they compare themselves to wanting to be like Robert Smith from The Cure in the unapologetic nature. The song goes on to explore wanting to be someone else and embracing being a little petty and hyper-real at times. “All I want to be is what you want to see, like on TV” Riley sings. 

Produced by Gab Strum (aka Japanese Wallpaper), he brings a pop polish to the punk-rock roots of the song and helps deliver one of the tracks most memorable moments. With the bridge sharpening out to give a smooth pop moment, the melody is really captivating. The essence of the bridge reminds me of Operator Please with it’s slick layering and pop rock fusion that embraces a lot of character.

‘Robert Smith’ is a song that continues the introductory uniqueness of Cry Club and boldly has them exploring their punk infused pop sound further. 

Cry Club 2019 Summer Festival Dates

Saturday 19 October – Stonefest, Canberra

Friday 25 October – Kyneton Music Festival, Kyneton

Saturday 26 October – Hidden Lanes Festival, Brisbane

Monday 4 November NOV 4 – The Espy, Melbourne (supporting Alex Lahey)

Saturday 9 November – Notfest, Melbourne

Friday 15 November  – Loch Hart Festival, Princetown

Sunday 29 December  – Lost Paradise, Glenworth Valley

Monday 30 December – NYE on the Hill, Loch Village

Cry Club 2020 Headlining Tour Dates

Friday 17 January – The Old Bar, Melbourne

Friday 24 January – Park House – Mona Vale 

Friday 31 January – OAF Gallery – Sydney

Friday 7 February – The Northern – Byron Bay

Saturday 8 February – The Zoo, Brisbane

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