LIVE REVIEW: The Jungle Giants – Fortitude Music Hall

The Jungle Giants know how to deliver an energetic show full of hyper singalong’s, a whole lot of dancing and pure epic vibes. Returning home to Brisbane for their second sold out show at Fortitude Music Hall, the dynamic four piece didn’t hold back in giving the fans a mixed selection of their greatest hits and previous album favourites. 

With neon lights distributed across the stage, they were set to an aesthetically pleasing purple as the band took to the stage for ‘Quite Ferocity’ and ‘She’s A Riot’. 

They didn’t take long to get well acquainted with the crowd, as lead singer Sam Hales ripped off his jacket at the end of ‘On Your Way Down’ and thanked the hometown crowd for coming out in full force. With drinks being spilled at every angle, the crowd were not afraid to get a little reckless and enjoy the energetic indie pop-rock vibes that were being supplied. 

‘Skin To Bone’, ‘Anywhere Else’, and ‘I Am What You Want Me To Be’ followed, which saw Hales jumping into the crowd and getting extra up close and personal with the front row before he left the stage for the instrumental jam ‘In The Garage’. 

The stage set up was really refreshing because Hales was situated on the left hand side of the stage, while the rest of the band were situated towards the front too which allowed everyone to have their own moment. 

Making sure the crowd were still with them, they dropped ‘Feel the Way I Do’ which ignited the euphoric singalong’s again and continued through with ‘People Always Say’, ‘Waiting For A Sign’, ‘Used To Be In Love’ and their recent hit ‘Heavy Hearted’. 

Thanking the crowd for another epic sold out show, they walked off the stage to only return again for a little encore performance of ‘You’ve Got Something’ and ‘Bad Dream’. 

Finishing the show with a whole lot of dancing, everyone left the venue with huge smiles on their face as The Jungle Giants delivered yet another epic show that highlighted their growth as a band. 

Check out the full gallery captured by Jordan Rogers-Smith Photography BELOW;

Photos by Jordan Rogers-Smith 

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