EP REVIEW: FINNEAS – Blood Harmony

FINNEAS may not be a name you are completely familiar with yet, but you should be. After all, he’s the sole collaborator, lyricist and producer behind Billie Eilish’s entire discography. So yeah, he is behind some of your favourite tracks of 2018 and 2019. Surprised? Shocked? Intrigued? I hope so.

His debut EP ‘Blood Harmony’ hears him introducing himself to listeners as his own artist. Telling the stories he wants the world to hear through his voice, FINNEAS delivers a string of alternative beat heavy indie-pop songs. These songs are very different to what you would hear from his little sister, but that’s the point. These songs are unapologetically him and from his mind. 

Opening track ‘I Lost A Friend’ is a soulful piano and vocal led moment that immediately captivates the listener and explores a childhood friendship falling apart and reflects on what he had left. He takes a dark approach and will have you falling deep into this vivid storyline. “And I’ll be fine without him, but all I do is write about him. How the hell did I lose a friend I never had?” he confesses during the prominent chorus. 

From there the EP contains a couple of other previously released tracks like the anthemic Avicii inspired ‘Shelter’, the love sick beat driven ‘I Don’t Miss You At All’ which has some dark undertones and the simple pop song ‘Let’s Fall In Love For The Night’ which is cute. 

But FINNEAS does allow for some moments of surprise with three brand new songs. ‘Lost My Mind’ is a simple indie-pop track that evolves from a beautiful ballad to an anthemic pulsating drum hook that hears him hoping that someone is thinking about him just as much as he’s thinking about them. “You’re the scars on my skin, you’re the past I don’t wanna erase. You’re the words on my lips that have left but I still seem to taste”. 

Continuing that sonical structure, ’Partners In Crime’ is a cinematic moment of hope and romance as he reflects on a couple that have gone their seperate ways and have come back together. Maybe not romantically but as partners in crime for life. 

The last track is the simple and gospel inspired ‘Die Alone’ which is sonically beautiful but doesn’t have the same impact as the rest of the tracks. It’s a song you could imagine in a movie like ‘Call Me By Your Name’ with it’s cinematic touch. 

As a collective, ‘Blood Harmony’ showcases the many different sides of FINNEAS. It’s dark in a different way than Billie Eilish’s material is. These songs are a bit more direct in their vulnerability and their storytelling is a little more relationship based. 

From start to finish, this EP does feel like a soundtrack to a coming of age movie where someone is experiencing all of life’s first lessons in their adult life. 

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