SINGLE REVIEW: Niall Horan – Nice To Meet Ya

The announcement of Niall Horan’s new single ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ immediately gained some criticism with the single artwork being eerily similar to the series of artwork from Gang Of Youths recent release. Maybe he thought no one would notice, but the whole the internet jumped on board with the discussion and he seems a little guilty. Also because the sonical direction of this new track is quite the departure from his debut record and steers towards a more fulfilled rock sound that may just be inspired by Gang Of Youths. 

But let’s put the artwork aside and discuss the actual structure and contents of the song because ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ is a bold return for Horan. It’s by far the most left field track he’s released yet and is a song that will undoubtedly be a fun track in his live show. But it’s one that you can’t take too seriously because there’s not too much substance there. It’s just a flirty rock track that has a playful hook and hears him chasing a one night stand and possible love interest. That’s as in-depth as the song gets, and the lyrics aren’t philosophical or complex with the chorus just yelling “I got love for you” and “nice to meet ya” during the hook.

For a lead single, I expected more from Niall Horan. This track is fun but it’s also really basic and feels half baked. But good on him for trying something sonically different and hopefully the rest of the record will dive deeper into this concept because there is potential there.

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