SINGLE REVIEW: Fleur East – Figured Out

Fleur East has given you sax, she’s given you fun and she’s given you a whole lot of personality. But now the English singer-songwriter is ready to strip things back and show a different side to her artistry. 

Diving into a laid back RNB styling, she channels some of her biggest musical influences with this understated slow jam. ‘Figured Out’ is quite simple at its seams but that’s where she pulls you in and has you grooving along to this honest and unfiltered look into a modern day relationship. 

Opening with the line; “They don’t know you sleep at your mum’s house cause I don’t wanna talk to you right now. But we keep it cool when they come round”, she immediately sets the honest tone of this storyline. With not being afraid to hold anything back, she then adds the commentary; “heard them say we’re couple goals and they think we have it all” during the pre chorus. 

As a storyteller she perfectly sets the scene and dives into this manipulative relationship that this couple has with social media and public appearances. Deep down there are issues they’re hiding and trying to sort out but they’re playing along with their roles and keeping a brave face so no one questions what is going on. It’s a very common situation that anyone in a long-term relationship will be able to relate to and it’s cool to see her tackle this.  

The production is minimalistic and it just grooves along with the RNB pop layers she quickly introduces during the opening moments. Sticking to the classic RNB ballad formula, there is no production quirks or changes that drastically changes the soundscape of this song but it would’ve been welcomed.   

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