SINGLE REVIEW: Charlie Puth – Cheating On You

I’m genuinely confused as to where Charlie Puth is trying to sonically go with his forthcoming third studio album ‘Sick’. So far the singles are lacklustre at best and are quite the departure to his bold experimentation on ‘Voicenotes’ and the slick stylings of ‘Nine Track Mind’. These new tracks just feel reserved and that may stem from the experimental songwriting concept that sees him writing from imagination and not from personal experiences. And sis new single ‘Cheating On You’ follows this trend and also feels really disconnected from his artistry.

Exploring the concept of breaking up with someone only to realise that you still have feelings for them, Puth tries to move on but feels guilty with every move he makes. “I know I said goodbye and, baby you said it too. But when I touch her, I feel like I’m cheating on you. I thought that I’d be better when I found someone new. But when I touch her, I feel like I’m cheating on you” he confesses during the chorus. 

This is a strong concept that should be a hit and run for the singer-songwriter but the execution of the production is absolutely questionable. With a trap meets hip-hop beat layered with pop qualities, this song just sounds sonically confused. There’s nothing about it that grabs your attention and has you wanting to press replay. If anything, it will have you wanting to stop listening to it before it’s even finished. 

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