SINGLE REVIEW: Jarryd James – Let It Go

Jarryd James is evolving his sound and his artistry into the next phase of his career. His highly anticipated sophomore record is expected to be finally released in early 2020 and hears him getting bolder with his sound and diving into a new sonical palette. 

‘Slow Motion’ reintroduced himself to listeners with an R&B influenced production that layered a new sound and reflective storyline as he discussed the logistics of touring and what he misses in his life. His follow up single ‘Let It Go’ continues the bold R&B direction with dark and oozing beats layered with soothing vocals and harmonies. 

Written and produced by M-Phazes while on a songwriting camp in the heart of the Nicaraguan jungle, they let the many Pina Coladas they were drinking tell the story. As an ode to the weekend and the mistakes you make and the decision’s you carelessly follow, he creates a song that is full of good vibes. “4 in the morning, daylight crawling. How did we get like that?” he croons during the first verse. 

The song’s production continually grows and shapes this really cool landscape that builds up at 2:37 and unleashes this funky breakdown that is soulful and radiating. 

With a lot of experimentation, Jarryd James is proving himself to listeners as an artist that is maturely ready to grow and evolve. 

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