INTERVIEW: The Million

After establishing a passionate fanbase through the release of their debut EP ‘Hydration Station’, The Million have returned with the exciting announcement that they’ve signed to Island Records and have a new single to show off. ‘Somebody Better’ is the Central Coast trio’s first release in two years and it’s a vibey tune that has a lot of commercial sensibility. 

Sonically sitting somewhere between the recent releases from The Rubens, with a slick experimentation similar to SAFIA, they’ve really come out of the gate with a memorable moment to reacquaint themselves with. From the first listen, this song grabs ahold of the listener and commands their attention with the festival ready hook. 

I recently chatted to lead singer Jacob Thomas from The Million about the sonical directional shift of ‘Somebody Better’ from their EP ‘Hydration Station’, signing to Island Records and the playful exploration of toxicity in their new single. Check it out HERE;

TB: Somebody Better’ is an infectious track that welcomes back The Million to listeners with open arms. So with a lot of new music in the works happening for you guys, where does ‘Somebody Better’ fit into the timeline and why do you think this song perfectly represents the direction you want to go towards as a band?

JT: I think it lays the foundation for the upcoming singles to have a darker palette and to show more of our narrative style of writing. It fits well because of the brooding tonality and really takes a lot of our influences of pop, hip-hop, rock and r&b and melts them all together.

TB: The Million have just signed to Island Records to kick off this new beginning. So why did Island Records seem like the right place for you guys to call home as your label?

JT: They have a great roster of artists that we really love and have shown previously that they know how to nurture talent. It also seemed like they would allow us to thrive as artists without pressure which has proven to be the case

TB: Between the release of ‘Hydration Station’ and where you are at now with ‘Somebody Better’ and your incoming new music, how would you say the band has grown?

JT: I would say we’ve not only grown as people but musically we’ve developed more since then by working on our own craft and working with other producers and writers. We’re constantly trying new ideas and trying not to stagnate which has helped our growth over the years

TB: What has been sonically inspiring you guys, and what has been lyrically driving where The Million’s new music is heading towards?

JT: A lot of rap records have driven the lyrical aspect. I think I find that flow and wordplay is very important and listeners seem to hone in on that so I put more emphasis on it this time around.  

Sonically its a mix of listening to rap records, cool alternative pop and electronic artists or funk bands to search for inspiration. We’re always scouring for inspiration

TB: You’ve noted that you realised that in the past your music was more about the vibe and energy of the song, where as you’ve now matured and are focusing on more of a narrative approach. So where did that realisation originate from?

JT: Not sure exactly where it originated from but I remember us talking and agreeing that we wanted to have a bit more focus on the narrative to be more honest with our music. Some of that felt like it was lacking previously.

TB: ’Somebody Better’ reflects on the toxicity in you and your partners previous relationships and imagines what would happen if they both started dating each other. So was tapping into this vulnerability and talking about toxicity hard for you to articulate in a The Million fashion, or re-envisioning what that would be?

JT: Yeah I think there definitely was an aspect of that, I’m normally an open book when sharing about myself but I think there was something uncharted for us about being so honest and resentful because we hadn’t gone that far previously

TB: You still managed to tackle this topic in quite a playful and unique way. So where did the imaginative storyline idea populate from. And have your exes heard the song? Have you become cupids?

JT: *Laughs* Thank you! It initially stemmed from the idea of attending the funeral for your two exes with your new partner and celebrating at the wake, but Dylan and I albeit laughing at the concept decided it was probably too dark, so we dialled it back to playing matchmaker which I think actually worked out for the better. 

I know that my ex girlfriend has definitely heard the song but I’m unsure about my girlfriends ex boyfriend. 

TB: The single artwork for ‘Somebody Better’ is very bright and memorable. But I just want to know what type of drink was in the glass? Or what type of drink you wish was in it?

JT: Good question! Maybe it could be a Gin & Tonic cocktail and we could call it a ‘Somebody Bitter’? No takers? I’ll see myself out *laughs*

TB: With The Million expected to hit the road soon to introduce this brand new music to audiences, what do you want the feeling of the future live show to embody? And what thought do you want people to walk away thinking?

JT: Our dream shows are the ones where everyone is one unit in the crowd, dancing together and jumping along giving as much energy as they’ve got. We want to connect with our audiences and we hope they connect with not only us but each other too. I just hope they leave feeling enlightened and happier than when they came in

TB: Let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions where I’m going to ask you some questions that you just need to answer with the first thing that comes to mind…

JT: Okay!

TB: Our pre-show pump up song is…

JT: ‘Southern Nights’ by Glen Campbell

TB: The emoji that best describe our single ‘Somebody Better’ is…

JT: The ‘New’ emoji with the love heart gift and the two connecting love hearts!

TB: Pineapple on pizza is…

JT: Not acceptable, unless you ask Jay

TB: A name we were tossing up on instead of The Million was…

JT: The Polaroid Villa

TB: One song we wish we had written is…

JT: ‘Something About Us’ by Daft Punk

‘Something Better’ is out NOW! 

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