SINGLE REVIEW: Halsey – Clementine 

With her third studio album ‘Manic’ slated for a January 17 release, Halsey is currently in full promotional mode. Her lead singles ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Graveyard’ have cemented a bold and defined sound that has recently seen her morph into the sold out arena status she’s dominated worldwide. 

While she keeps delivering strong radio ready singles that are full of empowerment, she wanted to strip things back and experiment a little deeper within her sonical roots. ‘Clementine’ allows her to do this with a melodically charged DIY structure which is soothing, reflective and confronting. 

“I don’t need anyone. I just need everyone and then some” she confesses during the harmonious hook. Layering her dreamy vocals over this simple synth lead production, she uses vocoder and different vocal techniques to add a different texture. As she yells some of the chorus in a call and response type method, you will be instantly drawn in by the different techniques used. 

“Because in my world, I’m constantly, constantly having a breakthrough or a breakdown, or a blackout” she admits in the reflective and honest opening verse. She doesn’t hold back, nor has she ever, and that’s the way her fans like it. She recounts the fast pace of her life and the moments she loses to gain the special moments she has. It’s a very relatable song with a lot of heart and direct honesty. 

You can catch Halsey live in Australia over the new years period when she headlines Falls Festival! More details at 

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