SINGLE REVIEW: Diplo feat. Jonas Brothers – Lonely

Diplo is currently in Australia for his coveted appearance at Listen Out, and to coincide with the timing of the festival he’s dropped a brand new song. Teaming up with the Jonas Brothers, he dives deep into the pop world and delivers one of the most unlikely but also perfectly matched collaborations. Their pop and EDM crossover should have been a matchmake in heaven. I expected another Justin Bieber ‘Where Are U Now’ with the level of production, but what we received was a little lacklustre at best. 

‘Lonely’ is a song that anyone could have released. It doesn’t scream originality nor is it distinguishably a Diplo or Jonas Brothers track. The personalisation of the track is completely  missing. There is a slight country twist in the EDM pop production which is something Diplo is currently inserting into his aesthetic. But it’s still not a strong enough standout difference.

Throughout the whole duration of the song, I was just waiting for a wow moment. A moment that stopped me in my tracks and made me take a step back. I wanted to be impressed. I wanted to be shocked. But it just didn’t happen.  

The only strong thing about this song is the music video. They poke fun about how Diplo “ruined” Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s secret wedding by live streaming it and follows Diplo trying to make it up to the trio but them rejecting his calls and swerving his texts. It’s a hilarious video that is really fun and perfect for their playful aesthetic. But the whole time you find yourself thinking; if only the actual song was this good too. 

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