SINGLE REVIEW: Zedd feat. Kehlani – Good Thing

Zedd has become one of the most sought after producers in the EDM pop world. With some huge hits under his belt like ‘Stay’, ‘The Middle’ and ‘I Want You To Know’, he definitely knows what works in the commercial market. And it’s because of this that he’s become a little predictable. All of his new songs are following a similar formula and it’s a little exhausting. It’s because of this that recent tracks like ‘Happy Now’ and ‘Get Low’ were forgotten in the over soaked market that he’s trying to compete in. 

His new single ‘Good Thing’ hears him teaming up with Kehlani for a new mainstream pop collab that has a little stylistic shift. With a bouncy and sweeping production that allows a different side of his artistry to come out, he then returns to his predictable ways with that ticking clock that he apparently can’t get rid off. 

The most surprising thing about this song was the key change before the final chorus that did add a little needed flavour and difference. I didn’t see it coming, and for once Zedd had me a little bit shook. But the rest of it was predictable. As soon as the ticking clock came in, I was ready to tap out. 

It’s a track that will surely grow on listeners over time, but they have to want to give it the time to warm up to it which may be the struggle with this method. 

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