SINGLE REVIEW: Illy feat. Robinson – Lean On Me

Sometimes we just need to remember that we’ve always got someone to lean on during the hard times. Someone to talk to when you don’t feel super confident. And someone to help you when the going get’s tough. It’s this sentiment that Illy reflects on with his empowering new single ‘Lean On Me’. 

“Remember when it’s hard, just part of the ride. We all gotta go through this sometimes. Hold on for your life, yeah close your eyes. Fingers in your ears like Lalala” he playfully raps during the second verse. Encouraging his listeners to speak up and talk to family, friends or professionals about their problems, he wants to break the stigmas that we have in the world. 

Teaming up with New Zealand singer-songwriter Robinson, he dives deeper into the pop territory that his music has been recently heading towards. It’s a commercially friendly track that has a lot of charting and radio potential. Robinson’s vocals perfectly blend into the hopeful vibe of the track and add a polished layering. 

With each listen, this track will grow on you and will become one that further cements his impact into the mainstream world. 

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