SINGLE REVIEW: Flume feat. Vera Blue – Rushing Back

Vera Blue has being performing alongside Flume all over the globe on his recent festival run of dates. She will be continuing this trend by joining him for his massive home run of shows for Listen Out over the next two weekends. So it only seems fitting that the two finally release their epic collaboration that they’ve been teasing for so long. 

‘Rushing Back’ is a glitchy EDM meets pop track that hears the two diverse individuals bringing their unique sounds together. Flume has been going towards that glitchy experimental production style and isn’t afraid to not hold back and not create something that is typically mainstream. His production style is very original and is becoming quite signature to who he wants to become as an artist. 

Melodically, Vera Blue brings some smooth harmonies to the track as well as some reflective lyrics that drive an emotional sentiment. “Sometimes I dream about going back, keeping all the things I left behind. But now I know you can’t change the past, way too young to know the reason why” she confesses as she reflects on love and loss. 

It may not be a radio smash hit like ‘Say It’ or ‘Never Be Like You’, but it is a song that will be a strong addition to his live show and is a great representation of the music and the DIY approach he wants to have as a producer and artist. 

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