EP REVIEW: Adam Lambert – Velvet: Side A


Re-finding his glam rock roots while out on the road with Queen, Adam Lambert has stripped everything back and made it all about the music again. For his upcoming fourth studio album ‘Velvet’ he’s broken it into different parts. It seems very fitting that he releases a collection of songs that feels this pure while he’s on this unique journey of a lifetime. They have a very nostalgic touch to them and feel like they’ve been discovered in a musical time capsule of long lost 70’s rock. 

‘Superpower’ is the EP’s most commercially understated track, with a hook that you could imagine dominating radio. But because it’s not an obvious pop polished track, radio seemingly doesn’t want anything to do with it, which is a real shame. From there the pulsating groove of ‘Overglow’ is a track that would come to life in his live show while ‘Loverboy’ is as playful as you could imagine. And his vocal riffs during the chorus are actually INSANE.

‘Stranger You Are’ is an immediate standout with its empowering lyrics about being who you are and embracing all the things that make you “strange” and “weird”.  The production is also very tight and will have you grooving along instantaneously. “Cause the stranger you are, they wanna keep you locked in the dark”. 

In contrast, ‘Closer To You’ is the EP’s most intimate moment and is another immediate highlight. The emotionally driven ballad, hears him declaring his love for someone and making sure the love interest knows that he would do anything for them. “I would walk through fire just to hold ya. Whatever gets me closer to you”. It’s a very beautiful song that successfully shows a different side to him on this EP. 

The brief six track collection will have you eagerly awaiting ‘Side B’ as he prepares to get even more nostalgic and intimate. 

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