SINGLE REVIEW: Kira Puru – Why Don’t We Get Along 

Kira Puru is an artist that is confidently and unapologetically herself. It’s because of this that she has been dubbed the “Lizzo of Australia” and has seen an online movement come together of people petitioning to see her open for the record breaking artist in January when she comes down under. 

With a discography of confident tracks that talk about sex, respect and safe spaces, she is a voice that the Australian pop world needs. With a string of final shows for 2019 around the corner, Puru has released a new song for people to indulge themselves with. ‘Why Don’t We Get Along’ is very different compared to her previous releases as it hears her stripping back all the production and just allowing her vocals and emotions to tell the story. Belting it out, she questions how she could have everything in a relationship but be lacking one little element, which in this case is sexual chemistry. It’s a confusing thing to completely understand when you are in love with the person and want to do anything to make it work. “Maybe it’s our biology. It isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I don’t know why we don’t get along” she questions during the intimate hook. 

This song makes such an impact because of it’s silent moments. Adding gospel harmonies and minimalist synths, she creates something so unique and different compared to the rest of her discography. It’s a moment for her, and a very exciting one as this vulnerability is so raw and real.  

Kira Puru Australian Tour Dates

Friday 27 September – Jam In A Jar, UNSW Sydney

Saturday 5 October – Yours and Owls, Stuart Park Wollongong

Saturday 23 November – Grapevine Gathering,  Grapevine Estate Mickleham

Saturday 30 November – Grapevine Gathering, Roche Estate Pokolbin

Sunday 1 December – Grapevine Gathering, Sandalford Estate Swan Valley

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