SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Smiling When I Die

To date, Sasha Sloan’s career has been about reflection. 

It’s about being authentically herself in the rawest and purest form, and she’s successfully done that with a growing discography of pure vulnerability. From opening up about her family and values on ‘Older’, to her insecurities on ‘Thoughts’, grief on ‘Dancing With your Ghost’, and heartbreak on ‘The Only’, she’s shown listeners so many different sides to her artistry and her personal foundations. 

Adding another song to her string of releases this year, ‘Smiling When I Die’ is a song about being content and happy with the person you are. She wants to be able to say that if she was to die right now she would die smiling because she would be happy with everything she’s done. It’s a dark but touching sentiment that has her focusing on living in the moment and doing everything she can that makes her happy in life. “Don’t wanna look back thinking I could’ve done this, or I could’ve tried that. Don’t wanna look back cause it’s going by fast” she admits during the pre chorus about the personal revelation she had. 

With the simple plucking of a guitar, soothing beats and echoing vocals, this track is a dreamy collection of hopeful feelings. As she sings during the chorus, you really do feel that. “Imma call my mother, It’s been a while since I’ve been home. Take a trip in the summer, see all the lights in Tokyo. Get lost in the desert, just to see what I can find. So when it’s my time, I’m smiling when I die”.

This is a great, moment in time, sort of song as it openly shows you where she is at in her life and the drive she has to be the best person she can be and live her life without regrets. It’s a song you could imagine playing during the credits of a self-discovery themed movie and a track you will want to soundtrack your feelings. 

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