SINGLE REVIEW: Samantha Jade – Bounce

Samantha Jade’s career is quite extensive. From being crowned the winner of The X Factor Australia in 2012 to releasing her albums ‘Samantha Jade’, ‘Nine’, ‘Best Of My Love’ and ‘The Magic Of Christmas’, she’s shown so many different sides to her artistry. She’s even released a lingerie line, a make up line, portrayed Kylie Minogue in the INXS tele-movie ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ and even got a re-occuring role on Home And Away. She’s done it all. But behind all those achievements is the roots of a singer-songwriter that she wants you to get reacquainted with. 

Before all of the post X Factor success, she was signed to a record label in the US where she released a string of singles including the massive ‘Step Up’ for the hit movie of the same name. She also had a publishing deal as a songwriter to work with other artists and that’s how she got started in the industry. Playing a chameleon over the years, she’s explored all of these different sides that makes up who she is, but for now she wants to return to the roots and where it all began.

Focusing on the art of songwriting and her love for RNB-Pop music, her forthcoming record is going to be a personal and nostalgic affair. And the lead single ‘Bounce’ is a playful nod to the late 90’s and early 2000’s with an Ariana Grande and Normani esq polish. 

The romantic track hears her confessing her love for someone and realising that their impact has helped put a spring into her step. It’s super playful, carefree and ultra cute. “You put that bounce, bounce, bounce, in my step” she confesses on the poppy chorus. But it’s the bridge that really stands out with it’s romantic and empowering embodiment. “So love harder, love faster. I know that we’re going this farther”. 

It’s a song that grows on you with each listen. Some may even call it addictive. It’s just got that ultra RNB-pop feeling to it that you can’t help but groove along to and simultaneously wish you could hit those ridiculous high notes she effortlessly reaches. 

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