SINGLE REVIEW: Hartley – Mind

After debuting her dreamy DIY single ‘Used To’ last month, Brisbane based singer-songwriter is back with an impressive follow up single that proves that she’s here to stay. ‘Mind’ is a song that focuses on the power of minimalism to make a huge impact. 

Following on from the experimental layering of ‘Used To’ she adds some drum n bass elements that drives the production of this song. Keeping with the dreamy elements she’s established, she however takes a minimalist route and doesn’t focus on growing the production too intensely. Instead the storyline and her slick vocals add the growth and power it needs.

“We only want what we can’t touch” she confesses as she explains the feelings of an unrequited love. With every thought she has, she can’t help but think about them and she’s not afraid to admit it as she sings during the catchy hook. “Do I ever cross your mind? You know you’re all over mine”. 

With each listen this song grows on you and creates more of an impact. It’s a moody track that has a lot of feelings and is one I’m excited to see brought into the live space. 


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