LIVE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Brisbane Convention Centre

Setting the theme of his Brisbane stop on his ‘Bloom World Tour’ as “opulence”, the excited crowd that packed the the Brisbane Convention Centre came channeling their inner sparkling, extravagant and royal blood. 

It has been three years since Troye Sivan’s last Australian tour and it’s become apparent that a lot of things have changed. Last time around he was a little shy and still finding himself as a performer and the show reflected that. This time around, he’s confident, captivating and clearly has found himself in a big way. 

With a red light shining on the curtain covering the stage, Sivan appeared in front of it for the intimate and anthemic ‘Seventeen’. Quickly running behind it before the final chorus, the curtain dropped to reveal the full stage set-up and his live band who helped bring these big tracks to life. 

Deciding to not waste any time, the infectious ‘Bloom’ and ‘Plum’ followed which saw him strutting his way up and down the stage with full confidence and encouraging the crowd to dance along shamelessly. 

“Oh my god. Holy shit” he exclaimed as he looked out to the screaming crowd. “I don’t know what to say but thank you so fucking much”. He was verbally and graciously grateful for the response he was receiving by the passionate crowd. Reminiscing about the last time he played Brisbane he confessed that it was one of his favourite shows ever. Promising that he wasn’t bullshitting, he admitted that he was super nervous before coming out on stage as he had high expectations and was worried that it was just a once off night. But he was wrong. Brisbane is just like that, and he was stoked. His interaction throughout the night was humble, hilarious and open as he talked about the experiences that inspired the songs and fangirled about ‘The Masked Singer’ and asked fans to keep checking for twitter updates throughout the show as he was very invested to discover the first unmasking. 

The emotional ‘Heaven’ heard him recounting his feelings about coming out and I had some fresh tears rolling down my face as I vulnerably thought about my coming out experience and by looking around the venue, I don’t think I was the only one who was touched by this performance. Switching up the pace, ‘Lucky Strike’, ‘Wild’ and ‘I’m So Tired’ had the whole crowd on their feet dancing and singing away. 

Leaving the stage for a brief moment to have a costume change, he appeared at the top of his structured set on a couch surrounded by some lamps for the emotional ballads ‘Postcard’, ‘The Good Side’ and ‘What A Heavenly Way To Die’ which highlighted how far his vocals have come. 

With his contagious smile cheekily embracing the crowd he confessed he was about to perform a song he hadn’t done on the whole tour. He was having too much fun and was so taken aback by the energy that him and his band decided to completely wing a performance of ‘Ease’. “If I fuck up some of the lyrics, please don’t hate me. I literally haven’t rehearsed this”. 

Getting back into the groovy dance and singalong vibes, ‘Bite’, ‘Dance To This’ and the Charli XCX collaborations ‘2099’ and ‘1999’ had everyone back on their feet dancing again and completely living in the moment. Thanking the crowd for a night he won’t forget, he bowed out to ‘Animal’ but told the crowd not to be too upset cause he had a special “opulent” encore waiting for them. And he did. Returning to the stage in an “opulent” themed outfit and matching sunglasses, he let it all out as he danced away to ‘Youth’ and ‘My My My!’ as confetti filled the air. 

Sivan has really honed his showmanship and has created a show that feels so good from start to finish. From smiles, to laughs and tears, he captured all the in-between emotions and more. His vocals are strong and dreamy, his band are tight, his production is bright and captivating while the setlist was perfectly curated to show so many sides of him. 

Opening the show was Brisbane’s own homecoming queen, Thelma Plum. She’s another artist who has proudly embraced who they are and have openly shared their story with the world. Her songwriting is vulnerable, honest and captivating. Opening her set with ‘I’m Not Angry Anymore’ and ‘Don’t Let A Good Girl Down’ she immediately had the crowd on her side. Songs like ‘Nick Cave’ have a quirky sentiment as she reflects on pretending to be a vegan while ‘Woke Blokes’ reflects on the lad culture we have in Australia and urges for an honest movement.

Her in between song banter is awkward but engaging as she word vomits her feelings and reluctantly drinks from her wine glass before the crowd cheered in support of her drinking it. Keeping the set short and sweet she closed her set with her triple j hits ‘Better In Blak’ and ‘Clumsy Love’, and really did highlight some of her strong songwriting work.

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Photos by Zac Montgomery

Troye Sivan Australian Tour

Wednesday 25 September – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne 

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