SINGLE REVIEW: Lakyn – Choir Boy

Within his evolving artistry, Lakyn is showing a seemingly more confident side of his songwriting and production. Returning to music with his first release of 2019 since his EP ‘& Pains’ late last year, ‘Choir Boy’ is a track that proudly dives into the stronger and bolder side that he wants to showcase. 

Reflecting on his personal growth over the past couple of years, he comes to peace with where he is at in his life. Taking solitude in knowing that he is exactly where he is meant to be, he puts aside expectations and doesn’t hold them so highly anymore as he learns to live in the moment more. “I should be giving the blessing, I’m way up. Like a choir boy, I could cry boy”. 

Tapping into the hip-hop influences that inspire him everyday when he listens to the likes of Kendrick Lamar, he focuses on delivering a steady conscious flow that is packed with impact. With a few cool references making up the lyrical content including “Hannah Montana be turning to Miley for confession” which is such a random lyric but one I can definitely get on board with. 

This is a song that he has been playing in his live set for a little while now and in particular the crowds the saw him open for Eves Karydas instantly fell in love with the catchy, free flowing vibe he created. The studio version manages to capture this vibe perfectly and will have the hook spinning around inside your head over and over again. It’s a catchy track that is a great reintroduction to the artist he wants to be.

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