LIVE REVIEW: Julia Michaels – The Tivoli

Having a unique energy endorsed by love, respect and compassion, Julia Michaels created a safe space where her fans could authentically be themselves without worrying about being judged. With the sold out Brisbane crowd packing into The Tivoli for Michaels’ final Australian show on her first ever headline tour, the singalong’s were loud, the emotions were heightened and the energy was euphoric. With her songs detailing her most sincere and inner thoughts, the crowd embraced every emotion which is exactly what she had hoped for. 

Before the show began, her crew brought out a sign that detailed singing, dancing, jumping, feeling and laughing were encouraged during the show. The encouragement of feeling your emotions is apart of her open dialogue with her fans to celebrate every part of us that makes us human. With the lights dimming and the synths and drums of ‘Pink’ announcing her arrival, she ran onto the stage screaming ‘Brisbane, you ready!”. She wasn’t even a minute into the show when the crowd took over by screaming the cheeky hook that had her giggling and in shock. “There’s no innuendos, it’s exactly what you think. Believe me when I tell you that he loves the colour pink”. 

Looking out to the sold out crowd she quickly took a moment to thank them for selling out the show and wanting to be apart of this journey with her. The band come out from behind their stipulated spots and joined Michaels at the front of the stage with their portable keytars and drum pads for ‘I Miss You’ and ‘Make It Up to You’ which allowed them to participate in some slick choreography. With the band returning to their spots, she asked everyone to light up their phones for fan favourite ‘Worst In Me’ before she got a little edgy with ‘Heaven’ from the ‘Fifty Shades Of Freed Soundtrack’. 

Running off stage for a brief moment, an interlude played that heard her explaining why she opened the show with older songs as she never got to properly tour her first EP and she then welcomed them to a new era of honesty which is apart of her inner monologue. Returning to the stage for ‘Deep’, ‘Into You’ and ‘Hurt Again’ she was in constant awe of how connected and energetic the crowd were to the music. Taking a moment to explain how this show is a safe space for everyone, she got the crowd to chant “safe space” to make sure everyone knew they could be whoever they wanted to be. For ‘Happy’ she let the crowd sing the majority of the lyrics as her voice was being drowned out by the energy they were giving. Grabbing a sign from two girls in the front row that said “Julia, you still make us so fucking happy”, she ran around the stage with the biggest smile on her face. 

Making her way into the middle of the crowd for an intimate performance of ‘Apple’, ‘Falling For Boys’ and a cheeky little cover of Cee Lo Greens ‘Fuck You’, she made sure everyone in the venue felt connected and had their moment of being up close and personal with her. 

Heading back to the main stage, her band joined her as she sat at the edge stage to perform ‘Priest’ and ‘Anxiety’. Taking a moment to ask the crowd to raise their hand if they have ever experienced or currently have anxiety, she wasn’t surprised when 90% of the crowd raised their hand. Asking them to then take a moment to let out a giant scream of all the emotions building inside of them, it was a beautiful and cathartic moment.

Turning the volume back up, she bounced across the stage for ‘Uh Huh’ before saying good night to the ecstatic crowd. Returning to the stage for ‘What A Time’ and Hurt Somebody’, you could tell that she didn’t want to leave the stage as much as the crowd didn’t want her to leave. Thanking them again for making the night so special she closed the show with ‘Issues’ as confetti filled the air. 

The entire show had a very wholesome and natural vibe to it. From the inflatable flowers that graced the stage to the enormous singalong’s, the candid conversations and the euphoric energy the crowd gave to every song, this was a show to remember. Julia Michaels is the pop star we need in this world because she embraces her insecurities, address the mistakes she’s made and encourages everyone to live their life authentically. 

I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as much as I have when watching that show. My cheeks still hurt. 

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Photos by Zac Montgomery

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