SINGLE REVIEW: Tove Lo feat. Kylie Minogue – Really Don’t Like U

It’s always hard seeing your ex move on with someone else, especially when they turn up to a party you’re at and you’re forced to see them interact. It’s easy to hate that person out of principal. You don’t know them personally but because they’re with your ex there is a slight jealousy that makes you instantly hate them. It’s normal and it’s this candid dialogue that is explored on Tove Lo’s new track ‘Really Don’t Like U’ from her forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Sunshine Kitty’ (out 20 September). 

Teaming up with pop royalty Kylie Minogue for the track, they give a very honest pop moment which is injected with fun electronic and disco influences. Diving into the nostalgic feels of the production, this is a song that finds the right balance between a honest heart and playful features. However I expected a bit more of a captivating energy than what was delivered. After all you have a modern day songwriting great one a track with one of pops biggest legends and innovators. Anything less than amazing was going to be quickly highlighted. 

The chorus ignites the right groove as they sing through the relatable topic of jealousy. “I know I’ve got no right to. Really, I just don’t like you. Look prettier than I do tonight. You make it hard to have a good time”. But from there it just falls a little flat. There were no moments of total euphoric release and instead just sat at one pop tone the whole way through. 

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