SINGLE REVIEW: Thomston – Casual

Thomston knows how to capture dreamy moments filled with raw emotion and a whole lot of heart. With his double sided EP ‘En Route London/Los Angeles’ out on October 18, the New Zealand singer-songwriter is hitting the road in late September for some intimate preview shows. But before then, he’s dropped a new single which is an absolute dreamy pop moment that you will want to get your ears around.

‘Casual’ is a polished reflection on modern day dating and the idea that casual relationships are feasible. The reality for most people is that they don’t work, and Thomston beautifully and bluntly explains why during the chorus. “Because it’s hard to keep it casual when a heart’s involved, you know”. 

Saying it how it is, this simple pop song explores the humanisation of love and emotions. Layering the emotions with a dreamy pop production and rhythmic beats produced by Taka Perry,  it constantly grows and delivers this hopeful captivation of emotions. You feel the love, you feel the heartbreak and you feel the hope.

With it’s catchy nature, it’s the perfect song to lead into the live shows as it will become a memorable singalong moment on the tour. 

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