SINGLE REVIEW: Oh Wonder – Hallelujah

After extensively touring the world for their experimental sophomore studio album ‘Ultralife’, Oh Wonder are back in a hopeful new light. The British duo have given listeners songs about heartbreak, loss, love and hope in the past, and with a lot of emotions intact they have successfully connected with a diverse global audience.

Starting the promotion process for their upcoming third studio album, ‘Hallelujah’ is a first glimpse at what is to come. Reflecting on the hope and belief they had within themselves to follow their dreams and create a career from their music, ‘Hallelujah’ hears them preaching to like minded souls to follow their dreams. No matter in what industry or path it is, your dreams are valid and your happiness is the most important thing. “Cause there’s a crown, covered in glitter and gold. I’m gonna wear it, whether you like it or not”. 

It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever been told no or been told that their goal is unrealistic. It’s something that any creative or driven person will be able to connect with on a deep level and find an empowering feeling within the context. “Somedays I don’t think my momma thinks I’m good enough to be a superstar. But one day I will show her I’m a diamond in the rough, I’ll be a superstar”, Josephine and Anthony sing during the pre chorus as they find their confidence. 

But there a lyric during the first verse that really stands out as they reflect on how other people’s music has been a form of inspiration to find confidence and hope within themselves which is the universal empowerment music holds. “I heard it on the radio on my way back home, that I’m gonna be someone. I guess it was a song they wrote saying don’t go slow, cause you’re gonna be someone”.

From a first listen you will realise that this song is special. Their harmonies are so warm with both of them singing with each other throughout the song creating a unity. It’s full of hope and raw heart with a very bold and important message that encourages everyone to follow their dreams no matter how big or small they are. 

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