SINGLE REVIEW: Louis Tomlinson – Kill My Mind

Changing his musical direction yet again, Louis Tomlinson is unleashing his inner scene kid days through his experimental new single ‘Kill My Mind’. 

With a turbulent solo career that has been the centre of some tragic family loss and heartbreak, as well as the happy moments of new life with the birth of his son, Tomlinson hasn’t been able to completely invest his everything into this project. This might be the reason as to why the cohesive nature of the tracks is a little array and the promotional efforts have been rushed but it could also be that he’s not working with the right producers and collaborators to tap into his vision.

Returning to the roots of the music he was listening to when he was growing up, the pop-rock elements of the song are driven by the heavy guitar riffs and drum beats. Channeling all of the UK alternative pop-rock artists that were dominating the scene in the mid 2000’s, he offers a song that does feel quite nostalgic. But with a lot of his fanbase being quite younger, this is a completely new and foreign genre to them. The connectivity is a little lost in comparison to all of the previous material he’s released and is simply confusing. 

With that sound being a little dated on commercial radio, there is no real accessibility for him to continually build a fanbase that also isn’t used to receiving regular music from him. His release schedules have been all over the place due to personal reasons, so to have to continually have to re-introduce yourself is quite challenging, especially when you do want to creatively experiment within your artistry. 

But even when you put these elements aside, the song is still not that captivating. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. It’s sonically different for him with an important underlying message of letting kids make mistakes and do silly things as that is how we all grow. 

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