SINGLE REVIEW: Adam Lambert – Superpower

With ‘Side A’ of his fourth studio album ‘Velvet’ being released on September 27, Adam Lambert has decided to give fans another taste of what to expect from the incoming new music. 

Embracing the 60’s and 70’s flavour of his recent aesthetic, ‘Superpower’ is a perfect representation of the artist he is becoming. With his evolution coming around full circle, Lambert is a glam rocker with a dignified pop soul. Fronting the epic band Queen, Lambert has got all the confidence he needs to make music that he wants to create without worrying about radio airplay and chart positions. Music is his passion and he wants to prove that by just being authentically himself. 

‘New Eyes’ was a soaring rock track with a lot of heart and ‘Superpower’ is just a naturally groovy track. The repetitive nature of the song keeps the formula instilled and doesn’t allow much room for innovative direction. I was waiting for a big guitar solo or a production quirk that throws the pre-associated ideas away but it stays pretty tamed. 

The vocal delivery and pure attitude reminds me a lot of his first album ‘For Your Entertainment’ and that is a great captivation of his early roots and aspirations but I did expect him to elevate it to the next level. There was an obvious growth in maturity which is noticed by his vocal delivery and naturalised production but the sassy attitude and heart is still there. This song won’t crack radio or charts but it’s a strong re-introduction to his artistry.  

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