EP REVIEW: Tones And I – The Kids Are Coming

Tones And I currently has the number one song in the country with ‘Dance Monkey’ and she’s ready to keep her domination coming with the release of her debut EP. ‘The Kids Are Coming’ is a collection of strong indie-pop songs with a whole lot of feeling and address a lot of social issues. 

Opening the EP with the title track ‘The Kids Are Coming’, this bold and definitive track sounds like it’s come straight off a Billie Eilish record. With it’s dark production and pulsating beats, she delivers something that is so bold and memorable. Addressing the big picture issues that affect our society, this is a song about finding your voice and standing up. It’s about the way society is changing and evolving. We want to have a voice and we want there to be change but some of the older generations don’t understand. “No one seems to understand the kids these days and why we live this way. We got to clean up the mess you’ve made. Still you don’t wanna change” she honestly confesses during the second verse.

From there the catchy singles ‘Dance Monkey’, ‘Johnny Run Away’ and ‘Never Seen The Rain’ are those obvious big hits that you’re well acquainted with but it’s the new track ‘Jimmy’ the has the potential to be one of her biggest hits yet. This is a song that has a raw storytelling that is so memorable and will have you pushing replay on the song over and over again. “One day he had to go when his mum called him home and he looked at me and smiled and he said “We should run away, but today we’ll stay. And I haven’t seen him since that day”. It’s a serious and special song that reflects on suicide and hits heavy to your core. In comparison ‘Colourblind’ is a little forgettable and gets lost between the heaviness of the other two next tracks. 

But this is a great introduction for an artist who is making a huge impact and has sold out all fourteen dates on her upcoming Australian tour. She has something special and after listening to this EP in full you will fully understand that. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘The Kids Are Coming’ from Sanity HERE; https://www.sanity.com.au/products/2429538/Kids-Are-Coming-The 

Tones And I Australian Tour

13 September – Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide *SOLD OUT*

14 September – Rosemount Hotel, Perth *SOLD OUT*

15 September – Rosemount Hotel, Perth *SOLD OUT*

17 September – Corner Hotel, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

18 September – Corner Hotel, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

19 September – Corner Hotel, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

27 September – UOW Unibar, Wollongong *SOLD OUT*

28 September – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

29 September – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

4 October – The Solbar, Maroochydore *SOLD OUT*

5 October – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast *SOLD OUT*

6 October – The Triffid, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

7 October – The Zoo, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

11 October – The Northern, Byron Bay *SOLD OUT*

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